Skein coats – the accessory you didn’t know you needed

How many of you dread yarn barf? Or even know what it is?

You know when you have a yarn cake or skein, that is center pull, and all of a sudden the strand is caught or knotted somewhere and you tug, and tug, and tug…



You’ve found yourself with a tangled wad of fiber and now have to take to the task of unraveling it. That’s yarn barf!

Now, if you’re like me that is NOT where the madness ends. Next your skein falls apart and you are left with a pile of yarn that you hope you can keep untangled long enough to get through a project…and protect what is left of your sanity!

That’s where I have found skein coats help me A LOT!

You might call them “Spanx” for yarn. They keep everything together in a nice little stretchy sock, of sorts, and it allows not only your yarn to stay together, but it also prevents anything in your project bag from snagging the outside of your yarn.

I was first introduced to this little marvel through Yarn Crush in one of their subscription boxes. But since then, I have found them sold by PreciousKnits, Biscotte Yarns, Slipped Stitch Studios, and so many others. One search on Etsy will have you amazed for days!

You can find them in various sizes, and they can be another fashion accessory to highlight your fandom or personality.

Have any of you had success (or failure) with skein coats? Did you know they existed? Believe me, I don’t know that I would have if I hadn’t been introduced! But I hope they have gained some popularity and aren’t going away any time soon. Because I am hooked on these little helpers!

Wishing you✌️ ♥️ & 🧶


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