Hi, my name is [blank] and I am a yarnaholic

For all of us fiber enthusiasts, yarn can be our best friend…and our worst enemy.

We pine over our favorite brands, independent dyers, kits, custom colorways and skeins and hanks named for our geeky fandoms.

We purchase quantities of squishy yarn for projects we hope to (or may never) complete. We collect special colors and unique finds for oohing and ahhing and will probably never use. We even buy yarn tied to a KAL or CAL to take the guessing out of what colors would go best with a pattern we have fallen in love with.

When we find that special color or fiber, we get so excited, and collect them like they are a baseball card or seashell or rare coin. We share our collections on social media with our fellow crafters and artisans. We gather at festivals and special events to share our enthusiasm for fiber with fellow collectors. We vacation to locations we have never been and while away purchase special skeins to remind us of our travels.

Emails I have received from KnitPicks, Jimmy Beans Wool, Stunning String Studio and Biscotte Yarns.

How large is your collection? Do you only purchase for a specific project, or do you hoard away skeins collected and consider yourself a yarnaholic?

Welcome to the meeting, all are welcome, and we are glad you are here. 😉

✌️ ♥️ & 🧶