Marvel-ing at this super yarn

For those of you who fan girl (or guy) over geeky colorways, let me introduce you to the March 2019 Fandom Fibers Yarn Box from Firefly Fiber Arts.


Box #1 – Captain Marvel!

I chose the worsted box option and can I say…BEST…DECISION…EVER!!! This yarn is so incredibly soft, and extra bouncy and squishy, all I could have wanted! It also came with the perfect-sized project bag and a cute pin!

I was first introduced to the Fandom Fibers box late last year, when I discovered they were doing a 13th Doctor Who inspired yarn. And who had two thumbs and couldn’t WAIT to get their Doctor yarn…well, you know…

So it took me a while to decide what to make with this special yarn, but here lately (due to the weather) I have been relying on my trusty heating pads to keep me warm, both at home and at work. The slipcovers are always a disaster, and never seem to stay on, or they cause the actual plastic pad underneath to get all bunched up. I knew I have been wanting to make a nice cover than I could wash occasionally and provided a thicker, more secure layer. I think this yarn is going to fit that purpose nicely. In addition, the colorway reminds me of the temperature colors on a weather app — both hot and cold.

So tonight, I am going to curl up with some Super Women on tv and work up a cover or two for my heating pads.

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War on TBS

Hope you all have a warm and safe Friday night.

Happy crafting! ✌️, ♥️ & 🧶

P.S. I am hoping to do a double feature with the Captain Marvel movie when Avengers: Endgame comes out, so no spoilers! 😉


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