WIPs, am I right?

As a member of the fibre community, we have the discussion every day with one another about what we are working on – our work in progress, or WIP. We lament and share our one, two, or too many to count projects we have in various stages for various reasons.

But maybe the question isn’t how many you have, but how you feel about the ones you do. Are they labors or love (or hate)? Are they creating anxiety in your life? Are they fueling your passion to get back to working on it as soon as possible?

As artisans, we not only collect these works in progress in hopes of getting back to them one day, but we have stashed away the tools and supplies needed to start new projects and somewhere we have a collection of patterns and project sheets just waiting to be started.

So how do you feel about what you have to work on? Does it excite you? Overwhelm you? Embarrass you? All of the above? I think we can all admit to the multitude of feelings and emotions we have about the excitement of procuring new yarn, floss, roving, tools, needles, hooks, etc. and how they take us through that rollercoaster time and time again.

I would love to hear your thoughts and the projects you currently have in some state of progress (or maybe haven’t quite started yet.)

My current WIPs – the Grinda shawl by Lilla Bjorn’s Crochet World, Fuzzball Bandolier Shawl by Unraveled Designs, Daxis Wrap by Pariser Landluft, and a beginner shawl of my own making 😊